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One of the most common types of cases in our court system in Minnesota is the Domestic Order for Protection and its cousin the Harassment/Restraining Order.  These are given out on a temporary basis in Minnesota with someone merely filling out a sheet of paper and presenting it to a Judge.  Judges almost always sign them.  In addition, while for every other type of case in Minnesota you have to pay the Sheriff for civil service of process, the Sheriff will serve process of these things for free.  Further, it’s not uncommon for free lawyers to be provided to people bringing these Petitions, in some cases lawyers from very fancy law firms doing pro bono work.  Nathan Hansen has beaten big firm lawyers who choose to dabble in Order for Protection cases for pro bono work.

Oftentimes the allegations that people make in these documents are scandalous, without merit and in some cases borderline libelous.  When someone receives one of these orders against them, all is not lost.  One should immediately seek legal counsel to evaluate the matter to determine whether demanding an evidentiary hearing is worthwhile.  Nathan Hansen has handled several of these hearings with a great degree of success.

Careful attention to the rules of evidence and their application to the matter at hand can turn the tide in one of these matters if a Judge is following the rules of evidence.  It’s not good to have one of these orders against you, as it can have repercussions that one may not see at the time it is entered.

Here is what one client said about Nathan Hansen’s handling of an Order for Protection that was brought against her:

“Nathan was supremely knowledgeable and prepared for our OFP hearing. His understanding of admissible evidence made the other attorney look like a fool. Nathan was highly professional and kept me well informed about the proceedings. I really felt comfortable with this serious matter in Nathan’s hands.”

If one of these orders for protection has been entered against you or a loved one, don’t despair, lawyer up and explore your options.  My fees are very reasonable for handling one of these hearings, as they are usually one-shot deals that have a specific beginning and an end.

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